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Large Home Freeze-Dryer

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With Harvest Right’s Large Home Freeze-Dryer, preserve an abundance of food while keeping its nutrients and flavors intact, ideal for large families or batch cooking enthusiasts.

Fresh food per batch: 8.2 to 12.2 kg.
Fresh Food per Year: Up to 2268 kg
Espace des Plateaux: 7140 cm² surface area

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In your parcel

  • Your freeze-dryer
  • Vacuum pump & fittings
  • Pump & Filter Oil
  • 6 stainless steel trays
  • 50 resealable Mylar bags
  • 50 oxygen absorbers


  • Productivity: up to 12.5 kg of fresh feed per session
  • Dimensions: 61.7 cm W x 95 cm D x 90.4 cm H
  • Tray dimensions: 27.7 cm W x 74.9 cm D x 1.9 cm H
  • Weight: 44.5 kg
  • Energy consumption: 800 to 1000kwh
  • Delivered to your door in 48 hours



  • Plateau area: 7,141 cm² (4,860 sq. ft.)
  • Freeze-drying of 8 to 12 kg of fresh feed per batch
  • Freeze-drying capacity up to approx. 2,268 kg of fresh food per year (this would require the freeze-dryer to be used 4 times a week for 50 weeks a year)


  • Exterior dimensions of freeze-dryer: 54.1 cm wide x 69.9 cm deep x 79.5 cm high
  • Perfect for a worktop, cart or table.
  • Tray dimensions: 22.9 cm wide x 52.1 cm deep x 1.9 cm high
  • Freeze-dryer weight: 64.9 kg

Power supply

  • 220-volt socket. A dedicated 20-amp circuit is required

Delivery information

  • The large freeze-dryer comes in a single package weighing a total of 110.2 kg. The item will only be delivered to physical addresses. Freeze-dryer package: 73.7 cm wide x 96.5 cm deep x 121.9 cm high.


  • Change vacuum pump oil every 20 to 30 batches (takes about two minutes)
  • Clean freeze-dryer as required.

Safety and Compliance


Complies with the most stringent European industrial safety standards

and complies with current regulations to ensure safe and reliable use.


Size Fresh food per batch (kg) Fresh food per year (kg) Tray space (cm²)
Small 2,7-4,5 Up to 816 2800
Medium 4,5-6,8 Up to 1361 4356
Grand 8,2-12,3 Up to 2268 7145
Very Large 18,1-22,7 Up to 4536 14513
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  1. HD

    A big thank you to the team!!! In our hotel, no breakfast fruit is wasted. Unsold items are freeze-dried and used as decoration and innovative ingredients in our bar, bringing a unique touch to our cocktails. We also offer freeze-dried fruit chips as a welcome gift to new arrivals, which they love.

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  2. BB

    As Chef and Owner of my restaurant, the introduction of the freeze dryer has revolutionized the way I cook. This opened the doors to a world of new flavors and presentations that visually amaze our customers. A big thank you to Manu for his personalized support and sound advice!

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  3. L

    I’m vegetarian and it’s often difficult to find snacks that suit me. With my freeze dryer, I make my own vegetable chips, full of flavor and without any additives. It’s incredible… too many ideas… too much fun with this machine… I love it!

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  4. S

    Well, yes, it’s an investment, but it’s the best I’ve made in the last 5 years, it’s great! I really saw the difference in terms of quality and practicality. Every day, I discover new ways to use it and it has really improved my daily life. I highly recommend !

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  5. NE

    My collaboration with the local market gardener has taken on a new dimension thanks to the freeze dryer. Together, we transform harvest surpluses into innovative and sustainable products. This has not only diversified our offering, but also given rise to an exciting new activity. I am delighted with this adventure!

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