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Silicone Mats

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  • Heat-resistant, 1 mm silicone mat
  • Food detaches easily
  • Economical compared with greaseproof paper
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with upper dishwasher rack
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The Perfect Solution for a Hygienic and Efficient Lyophilization Process

Key features :

  • Food-grade material: Made from food-grade silicone, this mat is ideal for freeze-drying all types of food.
  • High durability: Resistant to extreme temperatures, tears and cuts, this mat is built to last.
  • Easy cleaning: non-stick surface for quick and easy cleaning, dishwasher-safe.
  • Adaptability: Designed to fit trays of different sizes in freeze-drying machines.
  • Reusable: Ecological and economical, this mat can be used over and over again without loss of quality.

Description :

Optimize your freeze-drying process with our high-quality Silicone Mats. Designed to provide a clean, hygienic work surface, these mats are the ideal solution for freeze-drying a variety of products, from foodstuffs to chemical compounds.

Made from food-grade silicone, these mats are not only safe for use in contact with food, but are also extremely durable. They resist extreme temperatures and rough handling, making them perfectly suited to the demanding environment of freeze-drying machines.

The non-stick surface makes cleaning child’s play. After use, simply rinse in hot water or place in the dishwasher to prepare for the next use.

Specifications :

  • Material: Food-grade silicone
  • Temperature resistance: Resistant to temperatures ranging from -40°C to 230°C
  • Dimensions: Available in various sizes to fit different models of freeze-drying machines.

Instructions for use :

  1. Place the silicone mat on the tray of the freeze-dryer.
  2. Place the products to be freeze-dried on the mat.
  3. Start the freeze-drying cycle.
  4. Once the cycle is complete, remove the belt and your freeze-dried products.

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