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X-LARGE freeze-dryer For SMEs


From €190 /month / Price incl. VAT and delivery

Maximize your production with the X-LARGE Freeze-Dryer for SMEs, designed to meet the freeze-drying needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Fresh food per batch: 8 to 10 kg.
Fresh Food per Year:Up to 2260 kg
Espace des Plateaux: 14520 cm².

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In your parcel

  • Your freeze-dryer
  • Vacuum pump & fittings
  • Pump & Filter Oil
  • 7 stainless steel trays
  • 50 resealable Mylar bags
  • 50 oxygen absorbers


  • Productivity: up to 10 kg of fresh feed per session
  • Dimensions: 61.7 cm W x 95 cm D x 90.4 cm H
  • Tray dimensions: 27.7 cm W x 74.9 cm D x 1.9 cm H
  • Weight: 44.5 kg
  • Energy consumption: 800 to 1000kwh
  • Delivered to your door in 48 hours


The X-LARGE Freeze-Dryer is the ideal tool for SMEs looking to expand their product preservation and processing capabilities with exceptional efficiency, reliability and quality.

Designed for Excellence in Food and Pharmaceutical Preservation

HarvestRight’s X-LARGE freeze-dryer is specially designed to meet the demanding needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This model effectively combines high capacity and advanced technology to offer an optimum solution for the preservation of food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological products.

Extended capacity

With its spacious freeze-drying chamber, the X-LARGE freeze-dryer can handle large quantities of product, making it ideal for medium to high-volume operations.

Intuitive controls

Equipped with a user-friendly touch control system, this freeze-dryer enables easy programming and precise monitoring of the freeze-drying process.

Product versatility

Designed to accommodate a wide range of products, from delicate foods to complex pharmaceuticals, offering maximum flexibility for your business.

Energy Efficiency

Advanced refrigeration and vacuum technology ensures minimal energy consumption, reducing operating costs.

Optimized Drying System

Equipped with a uniform heating system and efficient vacuum distribution, guaranteeing homogeneous, high-quality freeze-drying.

Robust construction

Made from durable materials, the X-LARGE freeze-dryer is designed to withstand intensive use and guarantee a long operational life.

Simplified maintenance

Easy access to key components and built-in maintenance alerts facilitate regular, preventive maintenance.

Safety and Compliance

Meets the most stringent industrial safety standards and complies with current regulations to ensure safe, reliable use.this


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  1. S

    Well, yes, it’s an investment, but it’s the best I’ve made in the last 5 years, it’s great! I really saw the difference in terms of quality and practicality. Every day, I discover new ways to use it and it has really improved my daily life. I highly recommend !

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  2. FJ

    I very rarely leave comments…but LyoRobots after-sales service is incredible. When I needed additional parts to expand the business, everything was shipped quickly and Manu’s advice helped immensely.

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  3. HD

    A big thank you to the team!!! In our hotel, no breakfast fruit is wasted. Unsold items are freeze-dried and used as decoration and innovative ingredients in our bar, bringing a unique touch to our cocktails. We also offer freeze-dried fruit chips as a welcome gift to new arrivals, which they love.

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  4. L

    Thanks to Lyo Robots, we were able to develop our range of freeze-dried CBD products. It’s incredible to see how much quality is preserved, and the time savings are colossal. Manu and his team played a key role in this success

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