Transform your kitchen with Lyophilization: Nutrition and Innovation for the Family.

Freeze-drying opens up a world of possibilities for introducing vegetables into the diet of children, who are often reluctant to eat them in their usual form.

The Revolution in the Home Kitchen

Freeze-drying is no longer a technology reserved for professionals. A real culinary revolution in your home, allowing you to concoct healthy, tasty meals for your children and grandchildren. You have the power to preserve the goodness of fresh food while extending its shelf life, without ever sacrificing quality or taste.

Preserve the purity of ingredients

The sublimative drying process maintains the nutritional structure of foods intact, capturing their purest state. Vitamins, minerals and flavours remain preserved, ready for consumption.

A Practical Solution for Busy Parents

In just a few simple steps, transform your home-cooked meals into long-life, freeze-dried portions that can be easily stored without refrigeration. Say goodbye to bulky glass jars to carry around, forget about the microwave and stop worrying about checking the temperature of your food. With just lukewarm water, reconstitute the perfect meal for your baby, combining convenience, nutrition and peace of mind.

Lightweight and easy to transport

Freeze-dried foods are lightweight and easy to take anywhere. Whether it’s a trip to the park or a long journey, your children’s meals come along with you, without any clutter or risk of spoilage.

Instant and Comfortable Rehydration

When it’s time to eat, a little lukewarm water is all that’s needed to restore food to its original freshness. Ideal for busy evenings or unexpected meals.

Commitment to organic food

By choosing organic products for freeze-drying, you can ensure that your family’s meals are free from harmful chemicals.

Freeze-dried Meal Ideas for Young Gourmets

Let your imagination run wild with these simple, nutritious meal ideas that you can freeze-dry:

Spinach Powder
No more refusals, incorporate them into a pancake batter for an invisible nutritious touch.

Apple Chips
Just sliced apples, these crispy chips are a healthy treat.

Crunchy Strawberries
Transformed into crunchy treats, they become the perfect candy.

Freeze-dried corn is a fun snack that bursts with flavor with every bite.

Mixed purées
Mix freeze-dried powdered vegetables into their favorite sauces or soups without changing the texture. These foods, by becoming more fun to eat, help children consume what they need to grow up healthy. Freeze-drying isn’t just a preservation technique; it’s a gateway to balanced, joyful eating.

Apple Snack
Golden apple slices, perfect for healthy snacking.

Ancient Vegetable Soup
A comforting blend of root vegetables for a soup full of the flavors of yesteryear.

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup
Creamy and sweet, ideal for sensitive taste buds.

Orange Carrot Purée
Colourful and rich in beta-carotene, a fun way to eat vegetables.

Banana powder for smoothies
Boost smoothies with a touch of natural sweetness.

Whole strawberries
Juicy and sweet, once rehydrated they become as fresh as new.

Assorted Berries for Yogurt
Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries for a quick, antioxidant dessert.

Petits Pois à Croquer: Perfect on their own or added to a salad for a touch of crunch.

Mango snack sticks
An explosion of tropical flavours that will delight children.

Spinach Powder to Enrich Dishes
Discreet yet nutritious, it’s an easy addition to any recipe.

Take part in a culinary adventure that’s sure to delight the whole family. Freeze-drying is the key to innovative, nutritious and delicious meals, prepared at home for those you love.