A revolution in the fight against food waste

Founded by Manu Letellier, an entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation, Lyo Robots.eu was born of a simple but powerful mission: to combat food waste through cutting-edge technological solutions.

Our heritage: Sushi-robots.eu

Manu Letellier is no stranger to the world of robots and automation. Before Lyo-Robots.eu, he spent a decade at the helm of Sushi-robots.eu, a company that revolutionized the catering industry. By making sushi machines both popular and essential for certain establishments, Sushi-robots.eu has not only improved hygiene conditions, but also boosted restaurant productivity.

A New Adventure

After selling Sushi-robots.eu, Manu felt the need to tackle another pressing challenge: food waste. With several years’ experience in the retail and restaurant sectors, he was frustrated by the colossal waste he observed. To remedy this, he focused on developing an innovative solution: freeze-drying coupled with blockchain technology.

Why Lyophilization and Blockchain?

Freeze-drying is a process that preserves food without losing its nutritional qualities, which is crucial for reducing waste. By integrating a blockchain solution, Lyo-Robots. eu ensures transparent and secure product traceability, from production to consumption. This not only guarantees quality, but also optimizes the supply chain, reducing waste on several levels.

Lyo Robots: The Future is Here

After several years of rigorous research and testing, Lyo Robots is finally ready to make its mark on the world. We’re delighted to invite you to be part of this exciting and meaningful adventure. Together, we can make a real difference.

Feel free to explore our site to find out more about our products and our vision. Join us in our fight for a more sustainable, less wasteful future.