Lyophilization: An Innovative Solution for Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets

In the hotel and catering industry, as well as in the retail sector, managing unsold goods and products nearing the end of their shelf life is a daily challenge. LYO ROBOTS offers you a sustainable, cost-effective solution that turns challenge into opportunity: freeze-drying.

Valuation of unsold goods

Freeze-drying is a process that gently removes moisture from food, preserving its taste, texture and nutrients for longer. This technology represents a unique opportunity for hotels, restaurants and supermarkets to significantly reduce their food waste by transforming unsold or D-1 products into stable, sustainable products ready for a second life.

A New Life for Food

Rather than throwing away surplus, freeze-dried products can be used in a variety of contexts. For example, hotels can offer freeze-dried fruit in their breakfast bars and cocktails, while restaurants can incorporate freeze-dried vegetables into innovative dishes. Supermarkets can sell them as healthy snacks or offer them at reduced prices, thus avoiding waste.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

By adopting freeze-drying, your plant takes a step towards sustainability. You reduce your ecological footprint by reducing waste and participating in the circular economy. What’s more, it reinforces your brand image as a responsible player who cares about the environment and social impact.

Savings and Return on Investment

Reducing food waste also means cutting costs. Freeze-drying recovers part of the initial investment in food products. By transforming and adding value to what would otherwise have been lost, you create a new source of income, while benefiting from tax advantages linked to waste reduction.

Innovative Distribution Channels

With freeze-dried foods, distribution options are diverse and flexible. These products can be sold online, offered in subscription boxes or distributed via partnerships with NGOs for food aid. There’s also a growing market for freeze-dried products among consumers looking for healthy, convenient snacking options.

Partnership and Collaboration

LYO ROBOTS is ready to work with you to establish a customized freeze-drying program. We can work together to determine which products are best suited to this process, and to establish distribution strategies that maximize their potential.

Commitment to the future

Your commitment to using freeze-drying to manage your unsold products demonstrates your dedication not only to operational excellence, but also to responsible innovation. It’s a promise to your customers that you’re determined to offer the best while taking care of our planet.

Lyophilisateur Maison HarvestRight - Freezedryer - Lyophilisation
Lyophilisateur Maison HarvestRight - Freezedryer - Lyophilisation